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Mac OSX Chrome clear browser cache

I believe my biggest struggle for wasting time on the computer comes from browsing the internet. A lot of that struggle comes from when I open up my web browser, and in the omnibar (address bar) I type in any letter, all of a sudden I am hit with suggestions of what to search for and previously visited sites that match that letter.

This usually leads me a stray from my initial task to quickly clicking on a previously visited site. One way to combat this is to clear the browser cache, so these previous websites do not show up when I type.

If you are using Chrome you can go to this web address chrome://settings/clearBrowserData to quickly clear your cache.

However, I wanted a way to clear the cache without having to manually do it.

I just used some AppleScript code to automate opening Chrome to that webadress then AppleScript sends the “Enter” keystroke.

You can find the applescript file here on Github or download a .zip of the files via Direct Download)

Instructions how to use the AppleScript code is here on Github.

Hope this helps you and/or inspires you to use the computer less!

This post is licensed under CC BY 4.0 by the author.