Posts Mac OSX monochrome screen toggling for less screen addiction

Mac OSX monochrome screen toggling for less screen addiction

If you have ever been to a casino and played the slot games, you probably lost money, but, you probably had an exciting time doing it. There are a lot of factors which make playing the slots so engaging. Loud sounds, flashing lights, bright colors, all of which produce intense excitment and the wanting to keep playing even as your $20 quickly shrinks to 17 cents.

A lot of those same emotions can be reproduced watching Youtube videos at 1 AM. You know that you should be going to sleep, but it is just so easy to keep watching and watching. I believe a lot of overcoming tech addiction is figuring out the factors which make it easy to keep using the screen, and dampen their effect.

On Android devices for example, there is an option to make the screen monochrome before going to sleep called “Wind Down”. Monochrome in this way makes the screen only contain pixels of varying gray color. If you play video games or watch Youtube without any vibrant colors, it really has a big impact on the perceived excitment of the activity.

To achieve this, I’ve created an application which makes it easy to toggle monochrome on Mac OSX Catalina. Try toggling on monochrome while using the computer, and see if you find it as enjoyable as before. I find the lack of colors doesn’t do much too affect the usability of screens but it does lead me to not crave anymore screen time beyond what I do actually find enjoyable.

You can find the application which toggles monochrome on OSX Catalina here on Github or download a .zip of the files via Direct Download

Instructions for usage can be found here on Github

Hope this helps you and/or inspires you to use the computer less!

This post is licensed under CC BY 4.0 by the author.