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The case against streaming music

I use Amazon music since I’m a prime member. They have most of the songs I listen to for “free”, although I was paying the extra $7.99 for the premium service.

I was starting to notice that when I thought of music, Amazon would come to my mind. During a workout if I wanted to switch songs, I’d open the Amazon music app and while switching songs, thoughts would pop into my head. “Do I need to order laundry detergent on Amazon?”, or “Should I look at what fitness equipment I could be using instead of doing these pushups?”. This lead to a quite a few impulse purchases.

In addition, I was wondering for $7.99 a month extra, is that a good deal? Purchasing a song costs around $0.99 and $1.29, so the songs I listen to would need to be growing at a rate above 6+ songs a month/72+ songs a year for it to be a better deal to rent the songs than purchase.

The final reason to switch to purchased music came from a workout site I had been making for personal use. I wanted to embed the Amazon music player into this site but didn’t find a way to accomplish this. If I owned my music, I could use an open source music player and embed that into the site.

With all the reasons above, I decided that over the long run it would be a better deal if I stopped streaming music now, and instead purchased my music outright. The total song count I had in my playlist was roughly 250 songs, which ended up costing about $300 to purchase all of it. It sounds like a heafty price to pay, but thinking about the close to $1000 I had spent streaming music for the last 10 years, which in the end I have no ownership over, made it sting less.

It’s been about 3 months since I made the plunge back into music ownership and I do think it was worth every penny. I have been saving money both from not having so many impulse buys and also having the $7.99 premium membership stopped. Most importantly tho is the amount of time I have saved not being distracted by browsing the Amazon app to find things to purchase.

Hope this helps you and/or inspires you to use your devices less!

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